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Welcome to Durango Friends Meeting

An Unprogrammed Quaker (Friends) Congregation

Serving Southwestern Colorado, Northwestern New Mexico and Northeastern Arizona

Site Content Updated April 15, 2017

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We settle into silent worship every Sunday at 9:30am.

You are invited to join us.


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Curious About Quakers and the Quaker Experience?

Below is a playlist of videos produced by QuakerSpeak, a project of the Quaker publication Friends Journal .  Each of these five videos provide perspective on the nature of Quaker worship. The titles include:

What to Expect in a Quaker Meeting for Worship; Quaker Meeting for Worship Part 1: The Challenge of Sitting in Silence; Quaker Meeting for Worship Part 2: Giving Vocal Ministry; Quaker Meeting for Worship Part 3: The Gathered Meeting; What do Quakers Do in Silent Worship?


Opinions and ideas expressed in these videos represent the diversity of experience and outlook within the Quaker community and may not necessarily reflect views of the Durango Friends Meeting or its members and attenders.

We value your feedback. Please email your observations, ideas and opinions on QuakerSpeak or any other aspect of our website to  

 Recently Posted Meeting Business

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March 5, 2017 Business Meeting - Minutes

February 5, 2017 Business Meeting - Minutes

January 8, 2017 Business Meeting - Minutes

Participate in Democracy

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DFM's Peace & Social Concerns Committee presents a new webpage which lists of resources and contact info for local, state and national representatives. 

Peace & Social Concerns - Participating in Democracy

True godliness doesn’t turn men out of the world, but enables them to live better in it, and excites their endeavours to mend it; not hide their candle under a bushel, but set it upon a table in a candlestick. - William Penn, 1682 


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Violet Noise Ensemble Performs at Meeting House - April 29 

Friend Eric Swanson brings his Chinle High School musicians to the Durango Friends Meeting House for a performance and potluck on Saturday April 29th. Music begins at 5:30 PM with potluck to follow.

Violet Noise Ensemble Performs at Meeting House - April 2017

The Need to Repent

January KIefer writes, "Last Sunday, Spirit moved me to speak during Meeting.  Ash Wednesday was approaching and the need for our nation to repent was much on my heart."  The strength of her leading led her to compose a prayer which she then shared among F/friends. Its message connected with many, and by request we are posting the full text. Here is an excerpt: 

  Oh, I wish, I pray for a National Day of Repentance.
  Let every flag be replaced with the white flag of peace.
  Let every firearm be laid down.
  Let every voice be free of accusations, slurs, cursing, slander and hostility.                                                                                                                                                                
Let every person look to the welfare of others. 

Click the link below to view / download the compete prayer in PDF form.

Day of Repentance by January Kiefer  February 2017  PDF



New Mexico Regional Meeting Gathers in Durango April 21 - April 23

Our NMRM planning committee has been hard at work to put together a great program for April! As you know, Durango Friends are hosting the gathering, and we expect as many as 60 participants. We will meet on Friday evening and Sunday morning at the meeting house, and spend Saturday at the Durango Community Rec Center As we get closer to April, we will be looking for volunteers to help in a number of ways.  We hope you will seriously consider providing overnight housing to some of our out-of-town guests on Friday and Saturday nights, if you have space.

We would also like to talk to any of you who might be inclined to help with young friends, ages 7 and older.  First, we would simply welcome your ideas for putting together a fun and engaging program for them.  In the past, the number of young friends has been small, but whatever the number, we think it's important to encourage them to come to Durango and participate in the regional meeting. April 22 is Earth Day; the Rec Center is available for our use on Saturday; the Wildlife Museum and Fish Hatchery are just a hop and a skip down the bike path; the Animas Chocolate Company is next door; the trail head to Animas Mountain is just a few blocks away. We're open to ideas. Please let us hear from you.

The registration deadline is March 15th.

2017 New Mexico Regional Meeting - Call to Friends

2017 New Mexico Regional Meeting - Schedule

2017 New Mexico Regional Meeting - Registration


Please email  for more information. 


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Regularly Scheduled Events

Fall, Winter and Spring Schedule begins September 4, 2016

1st Hour, 9:30am

Every Sunday:  Meeting for Worship - 1st hour, 9:30 - 10:30am

2nd Hour, 11:00am:

1st Sunday:  Meeting for Worship for Business - 2nd Hour, 11:00am - 1:00pm  

4th Sunday: Friendly Discussion hour. Topics and schedule to be published as content is developed.

5th Sunday: Social hour. Join with Friends and visitors for snacks, good conversation and community sharing.