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Welcome to Durango Friends Meeting

An unprogrammed Friends (Quaker) congregation serving southwestern Colorado, northwestern New Mexico and northeastern Arizona.

Updated Feb. 25, 2015

Worship with Us?

We would be pleased to have you join us for an hour of unprogrammed worship, 9:30 am every Sunday morning. Click HERE for more information and directions.


Don't Forget to Take a Turn at Greeting Friends on Sunday Morning

Open the meetinghouse, ready the coffee and tea, and greet people as they arrive, especially visitors and others who may not have been to Meeting for a great while.

The work is easy: arrive at 9 or soon after, unlock, check the meeting room for readiness, fill the tea and coffee makers with water, add some ground coffee from the refrigerator, and get them ready to turn on just before you go into meeting. Be near front door as people arrive to greet old-timers and any newcomers. Offer newcomers a brief explanation of what to expect and one of the information packets on the counter near the guest book (tied in ribbon). Introduce them to others, etc. Invite (but don’t push) them to sign the guest book.

These instructions are posted in the foyer, but listed here to demonstrate what easy work it is.

There is a signup list in the foyer, or email Jim Mills (