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Report of 2015 Spring Cleanup day

A large amount of work was accomplished in a short period of time by a small but dedicated group of Durango Friends.

Twelve friends particpated in the Saturday, April 25th Cleanup Day at the Meeting House, meeting at 8:30am for a potluck breakfast that was good and plentiful, then working on the interior and exterior of the Meeting House until past noon.

Some highly motivated members began earlier, late Friday afternoon, and 7:00am Saturday. Bryce Fauble donated his time and the rental of a Bobcat skidsteer to re-distribute gravel from the edges and ends of the parking lot, with Robert, Tim, and Lynn contributing hand labor using rakes and shovels. A start was made in trimming juniper bushes, and new and old landscaping debris was hauled to the dump. The parking lot is now much improved in appearance, and will provide longer service for the Meeting.

Several others worked on three areas of the interior. Phyllis (who began the work earlier in the week) and Rebecca, with help from Nan, throughly cleaned the library book shelving, removing all books and other items for dusting and shelf cleaning. That's a lot of stuff to handle. Susan Rose and Nan (and perhaps others) also handled a lot of stuff, removing all items from the kitchen cabinets, discarding unused and duplicate items, cleaning all shelving and surfaces, then putting it back together again. Nadine and Kathleen tackled the little childrens' room, cleaning all solid toys, hard items and surfaces, and removing soft toys and blankets, etc. for washing at home.

As always, there is more work that yet needs be done, but what this small group of hard-working Friends accomplished in one short morning was truely gratifying, and went a long way toward making our property a more attractive venue for Friends and visitors.

Thank you all very much for your hearty efforts. We all appreciate your work and the results. 


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