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Features Archive 2015 - 2017

Feature articles that have appeared on the home page in 2015 - 2017 can be found here.

Violet Noise Ensemble Performs at Meeting House - April 29 

Violet Noise Ensemble Performs at Meeting House - April 2017   Friend Eric Swanson brings his Chinle High School musicians to the Durango Friends Meeting House for a performance and potluck on Saturday April 29th. Music begins at 5:30 PM with potluck to follow.


The Need to Repent

January KIefer writes, "Last Sunday, Spirit moved me to speak during Meeting.  Ash Wednesday was approaching and the need for our nation to repent was much on my heart."  The strength of her leading led her to compose a prayer which she then shared among F/friends. Its message connected with many, and by request we are posting the full text. Here is an excerpt: 

  Oh, I wish, I pray for a National Day of Repentance.
  Let every flag be replaced with the white flag of peace.
  Let every firearm be laid down.
  Let every voice be free of accusations, slurs, cursing, slander and hostility.                                                                                                                                                                 Let every person look to the welfare of others. 

Click the link below to view / download the compete prayer in PDF form.

Day of Repentance by January Kiefer  February 2017  PDF


 New Mexico Regional Meeting Gathers in Durango April 21 - April 23

Our NMRM planning committee has been hard at work to put together a great program for April! As you know, Durango Friends are hosting the gathering, and we expect as many as 60 participants. We will meet on Friday evening and Sunday morning at the meeting house, and spend Saturday at the Durango Community Rec Center As we get closer to April, we will be looking for volunteers to help in a number of ways.  We hope you will seriously consider providing overnight housing to some of our out-of-town guests on Friday and Saturday nights, if you have space.

We would also like to talk to any of you who might be inclined to help with young friends, ages 7 and older.  First, we would simply welcome your ideas for putting together a fun and engaging program for them.  In the past, the number of young friends has been small, but whatever the number, we think it's important to encourage them to come to Durango and participate in the regional meeting. April 22 is Earth Day; the Rec Center is available for our use on Saturday; the Wildlife Museum and Fish Hatchery are just a hop and a skip down the bike path; the Animas Chocolate Company is next door; the trail head to Animas Mountain is just a few blocks away. We're open to ideas. Please let us hear from you.

The registration deadline is March 15th.

2017 New Mexico Regional Meeting - Call to Friends

2017 New Mexico Regional Meeting - Schedule

2017 New Mexico Regional Meeting - Registration


Beyond Quaker Oats - Exploring Quaker Belief and Practices with Durango Friends Meeting

** Readings for the final three sessions are now available. See links below**

Quakers of Old


Please join us for a six-session discussion series of Quaker education. This series is open to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Quakerism and will be facilitated by members of Durango Friends Meeting. Each session will be based on readings - available to borrow from the Durango Friends Meeting Library - and on the experience of participants.


Topics include -

  • 1) Who are the Quakers? A history of Quakers from mid-17th century England to today 
  • 2) What do Quakers believe? - The Light Within
  • 3) What do Quakers believe? - Quakers and Christianity
  • 4) How do Quakers worship and minister? – How silent communal worship works
  • 5) How do Quakers "let their lives speak"? - Witness and Activism
  • 6) How do Quakers govern? Decision making and Conducting business


We will meet on the 2nd Sunday of October, November, December, January, February and March from 11am-12:30pm at Durango Friends Meetinghouse. We encourage you to join us for Meeting for Worship from 9:30-10:30am, but you are also welcome to attend just the discussion.

Downloadable PDF Outline and Reading List  - Beyond Quaker Oats - Exploring Quaker Belief & Practices

Downloadable PDF Readings for Part A "Seekers and Finders: The Experience of Early Friends" 60 Pages - Password Required

Downloadable PDF Readings for Part B "The Light Within" 26 Pages - Password Required

Downloadable PDF Readings for Part C  Revised "Quaker Universalism" 16 Pages - Password Required - updated 11/12/2016

Downloadable PDF Readings for Part D "Worship and Ministry" 56 Pages - Password Required

Downloadable PDF Readings for Part E "Living in the Light: Quaker Witness" 24 Pages - Password Required

Downloadable PDF Readings for Part F "Getting Down to Business" 38 Pages - Password Required

Durango Friends Support Standing Rock Sioux


The Baltimore Yearly Meeting's  Indian Affairs Committee minute on the Dakota Access Pipeline had rapid and unanimous support from those present at the Durango Friends Meeting October 2, 2016 Meeting for Business. The following minute was approved:

Durango Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends supports the minute of Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Affairs Committee Minute in Solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline.



Read BYM's minute here:

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Minute in Support of the Standing Rock Sioux


June 27th Film & Potluck - Witness to War with Dr. Charlie Clements

Charlie Clements Then and Now


The 1986 Academy Award winner for Documentary Short Subject Witness to War is a 29 minute film that tells the story of Dr. Charlie Clements, who went from air force pilot to dedicated pacifist. Join Dr. Charlie Clements and Durango Friends at the Durango Friends Meetinghouse on June 27th for a potluck and screening of the film.

New Day Films description of  Witness to War:

"One man's journey of conscience from Vietnam to El Salvador, Witness to War is the Academy Award winning story of Dr. Charlie Clements who was a pilot in Vietnam until he refused further combat missions. Stripped of his military identity, Charlie Clements dedicated his life to non-violence and healing, ultimately tending to the wounded behind rebel lines in El Salvador. A personal testament to the enduring tragedy of war as relevant in our times as it was then."

Potluck at 6:00 pm

Video at 7:00 pm


Used in Mountain Friends Camp feature linking to MFC Thanksgiving letter 11/2015 

Mountain Friends Camp April 2016 Newsletter Now Available


Dear Friends, Registration is open and early bird pricing ends April 30th. Questions answered in the April newsletter include: 

  • What do campers, parents and staff have to say about Mountain Friends Camp? 
  • What programs and activities do you have? What makes Mountain Friends Camp special?What does it mean to be a Quaker summer camp? 
  • Do I have to be Quaker to come to camp?
  • Can you tell me more about your staff?
  • What is the food like?  
  • What is the location like?  
  • Is financial aid available?

 June 27-July 1: Staff Week   July 2-16: Session 1    July 17-23: Session 2    July 24-27: Family Camp

 Read the Mountain Friends Camp April 2016 Newsletter, and the answers to the above questions, here.


Chinle High School Musicians to Perform at Meetinghouse May 7th

L to R: Hannah Begay, Frances Talashoma, Josiah Cury, Tasheana Tom

   Durango Friend Eric Swanson is bringing nine Chinle High School musicians on tour in southwestern Colorado over the first full weekend in May including a concert and potluck at the Durango Friends Meetinghouse on Saturday, May 7th. Music at 5 PM, potluck to follow.

For additional details click here


LogoCall To Friends for New Mexico Regional Meeting April 22‐24, 2016 at Albuquerque, NM 

The Gifts Among Us: Recognizing the Spirit at Work in Ourselves and in Others 

Let’s explore together how our gifts build community and how our community nurtures these gifts. Where: Albuquerque Meeting House, 1600 5th St NW (corner of 5th and Bellamah). When: Friday, April 22, at 5:30 PM (or earlier for the farm visit – see below) and ending Sunday, April 24, at 10:00 AM or at noon after Meeting for Worship. Albuquerque Friends look forward to offering hospitality (please register to allow arrangements!)

For   Call to Regional Meeting    Call to children    Regional Meeting schedule     Registration forms    click on each separate item.

 Deadline to Register March 25, 2016.  

Travis Etling, graduate student at Earlham School of Religion (ESR), offers DFM a unique opportunity for a "supervised ministry" project to be held at and with Durango Friends Meeting.

ESR Photo Logo

 Travis proposes to organize for DFM and to facilitate spiritual nurture groups that could examine topics such as discernment,  personal and group leadings, Quaker activism, Quaker spiritual  practices, and reading classical spiritual literature; as well as to  faciliate more experiential groups that may wish to practice prayer, meditation, mindfulness, etc. He will also be available for one-t  to-  one spiritual discussion and reflection. 

  Travis's proposal is for an intense 9-month internship program involving his (the student's) full participation in the spiritual and social  life of DFM; commitment of 12 hours average per week in  group and/or one-to-one spiritual education and ministry for DFM; regular  meetings with a DFM 'intern advisory committee' (tbd); participation in a weekly ESR seminar; oversight by ESR's  Director of  Supervised Ministry; ongoing reflection, consultation, and encouragement with a third-party advisor experienced in ministry; peer ministry support by an individual of the student's  choosing; and hosting a site visit to DFM by ESR's Director or other faculty to witness firsthand Travis's ministry and to talk with DFM members about Travis's ministry.

This proposal was presented to DFM at Meeting for Business, March 6, followed by much discussion. The Meeting instructed its co-Clerks to draft a letter to Travis expressing our interest in his proposed 'supervised ministry' at DFM, while also raising a number of questions and concerns for Travis to consider.

This issue will be an major topic for further discussion at Meeting for Business, April 3. Please read the following documents and come prepared to discuss this issue in the Light, so that we may be led to a right sense of the Meeting's understanding, needs and desires, and be lead to right action on this issue.

For complete documentation of the proposal and subsequent correspondence between DFM and Travis, click here.                                         You will find in one combined document the initial proposal, details of the program, DFM's questions and concerns, Travis's answers to our questions and concerns and a short "intellectual autobiography" by Travis. Read on-line or print what you need.                                                                                                                                                        [To access these documents, you must log in.]

   "Quakers - A New Way?"

We finally found it! The often-mentioned but elusive Durango Hearld Guest Editorial by Charles Youngman, published Oct 26, 1970, that served as the impetus ("the force that makes something happen") for the creation of the original Durango Friends Worship Group, the fore-runner of today's Durango Friends Meeting. How did that come about?                    ...Read More 


My Search for a Spiritual Home, by Pat Shepherd, Durango Friends Meeting

Friendly Discussion, 2nd hour, Feb. 14, 2016, featured Friend Pat Shepherd sharing her very interesting story about her search for a new Spiritual home that spanned approx. two years, three residences in two states, four Friends meetings and one Friends Church, after she decided to give up her rural home outside Mancos, CO. Home is important, and Pat explains how Friends relate, or don't. Pat is now pleased to be back home in southwest Colorado, at Durango Friends Meeting.                 ...Read More                                                                                                                                                                                [To access this article, you must log in.]


American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) "SHARED SECURITY" initiative:

To counter the flawed logic of militarism, AFSC has brought forward a framework called shared security. The concept of shared security was first developed in partnership with the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) in the context of rethinking U.S. foreign policy. But the principles can just as easily provide a new blueprint for our individual, community, economic, and national security needs.

Shared security is built on four core principles, each of which is vital to true, sustainable, and shared security or well-being: 

  • Commitment to building peaceful and just ends through peaceful and just means
  • Shared access to fair and accountable public institutions and supports.
  • Commitment to healing the breach caused by a destructive act.
  • Recognition of our shared communities, regions, and planet.

Can a shared security approach work in the real world?  ... LEARN MORE about Shared Security in the article "Nothing To Fear but Fear Itself"

 Meet IMYM 2016 Keynote Speaker Callid Keefe-Perry

IMYM 2016 Keynote Speaker; source:

Currently of Fresh Pond Meeting in Cambridge, MA., Callid’s life experience and ministry have provided rich seasoning on the topic of leadings—nurturing his own under the care of his monthly meeting and caring for the leadings of other Friends in the care of monthly meetings he attends.

The 2016 annual gathering of the Intermountain Yearly Meeting will take place at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico June 5th - June 12th. This year's theme is Nurturing Spiritual Gifts and Ministry in Our Meetings. Registration information and materials will be posted when available.

More about Callid and his work, including the 2009 Pendle Hill workshop he co-lead with his wife Kristina The Jewels of Quakerism