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Meet IMYM 2016 Keynote Speaker Callid Keefe-Perry


The 2016 annual gathering of the Intermountain Yearly Meeting will take place at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico June 5th - June 12th. This year's theme is Nurturing Spiritual Gifts and Ministry in Our Meetings. Registration information and materials will be posted when available.

 IMYM 2016 Keynote Speaker Callid Keefe-Perry

IMYM 2016 Keynote Speaker; source: of Fresh Pond Meeting in Cambridge, MA., Callid’s life experience and ministry have provided rich seasoning on the topic of leadings—nurturing his own under the care of his monthly meeting and caring for the leadings of other Friends in the care of monthly meetings he attends.  He has served on Spiritual Care, Anchor and Support Committees.  His current meeting supports the ministries of eight traveling ministers, Callid being one.  Callid is a husband, father, a traveling minister and PhD candidate at Boston University’s School of Theology.  He says his academic work is “at the intersection of imaginative and creative practices and their connection to pedagogy and spiritual formation.” Through his work serving as interim General Secretary of New York Yearly Meeting he has had opportunities to work closely with many different monthly meetings and learn about successes and challenges of nurturing spiritual gifts and leadings in meetings.

In addition to providing our keynote address, Callid will offer a workshop titled Name, Nurture, Prune and Exercise: Monthly Meetings and Spiritiual Gifts. The workshop will explore some of the practices - both contemporary and historical - used within faith communities and the Religious Society of Friends to assist with encouraging ministry and encouraging faithful action by individuals and meetings. Particular attention will be paid to concrete actions that can help to support environments conducive to the exploration and stewarding of ministry.

More About Callid Keefe-Perry (Rhymes with "salad leaf berry")

source: and his wife Kristina co-lead The Jewels of Quakerism, a course taught for six weeks during the Summer of 2009 at the Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat Center in Wallingford, PA. That class focused on another “Jewel” each week, lifting up the Keefe-Perrys’ understanding of what makes Quakerism particular and powerful. After the course was taught each week, Callid and Kristina created a web video that addressed much of the content covered in that week’s class. These videos were  intended to serve as information resources to the broader world interested in Quakerism and also as a bridging medium for folks who wanted to have access to the content of the course at Pendle Hill but couldn’t be there.

Web Videos from The Jewels of Quakerism