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An FCNL report from the April NMRM

An FCNL report from the April NMRM

Gathering in El Paso

In her FCNL Blog Ruth Flower, who heads up the lobbying staff at FCNL describes Compassion and Common Sense in El Paso, her report of what Ruth Flower of FCNL speaking to NMRM Friends,  April 2015she learned during the NMRM gathering in El Paso April 17-18. Ruth was a panelist in the Saturday morning panel on immigration and border issues.

In this report, Ruth writes “Where the rest of the country seems to see terrorists and drug runners, the people of El Paso see migrants and refugees, women and children, and families that need to be together.”

She describes her visits to shelters offering “deep hospitality” to hundreds of children and families of jailed detainees, people often brought to the shelters by immigration officers themselves.

Ruth reports “My journey to El Paso renewed my faith in fellow human beings who see suffering and act to ease the pain, who see practical needs, and move to meet them. National policy can be built on these human responses. It is not in our nature to ignore children fleeing violence or to draw hard lines of exclusion; we can figure out how to make this work.”

It is likely that what Ruth Flower feels from this experience will be magnified greatly in her personal witness with other FCNL staffers and as she works face-to-face with congressional officials .

Several Durango Friends know Ruth from her visits to NMRM and IMYM. She loves the southwest.

FCNL  (Friends Committee on National Legislation) has been a Quaker lobbying voice for peace and social justice since 1947.