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Internet Policy

Durango Friends Meeting Internet Policy REV 1

Approved 8/2/2015 


Web space can serve as important community-building and administrative tools for an organization. A key factor is relevance. Rendering the website relevant depends upon active interest and utilization from many members of the organization, and in our case, by the Meeting clerks and others doing the Meeting’s work, those who catalog Meeting news and events, those who coordinate spiritual, service and social activities, and finally those interested in drawing Friends together in whatever ways. The overall value of the web presence will depend on its uses and its users.


The purpose of a Durango Friends Meeting web presence is to:

  1. Inform the public about the Meeting, the manner in which Durango Friends worship, and how to join that worship.
  2. Inform the public about Quakers and give sources of information, including but not limited to links to such sources as Quaker bookstores, other Friends meetings, Quaker reference materials (e.g., and external organizations with which the Meeting maintains an affiliation (financial or by representative). Links to other sources may be considered on an individual basis.
  3. Support the spiritual and service witnesses of the Meeting and its members and attenders.
  4. Further the work of Durango Friends Meeting, including:
    1. Provide a convenient up-to-date  source of information about the Meeting community and its activities, including news and events;
    2. Provide protected access to the proceedings of the Monthly Meeting and other reference materials such as appointments, finance, guidelines for funds and meetinghouse use, etc.
    3. Provide spaces for committees, projects and informal groups to support their work.
    4. Provide news and other information of the yearly and regional meetings, the organizations with which the Meeting affiliates, and of the wider community of Friends.



This policy shall apply to all internet sites, individual pages, or other postings which carry the Meeting’s name, explicitly or implied, or otherwise creates the impression of Meeting sponsorship. It shall be acknowledged here that the web presence serves as a public expression of the Meeting, and should accurately reflect the Meeting insofar as possible.

All matters of the web presence are ultimately subject to approval of the Monthly Meeting, including but not limited to matters of policy, management, content and appearance.

The Meeting’s web presence shall be managed by the Worship & Ministry Committee through appointment of a Web Team which will make day-to-day decisions about posting content, news, calendar items, reports, etc. and will report to the W&M Committee as requested or needed. The Web Team shall be responsible for maintaining the web presence and its content in a manner consistent with this Policy and the instructions of the Meeting. Questions of immediate nature for which policy is unclear should be referred to the W&M Committee for guidance. For matters of greater import, the W&M Committee shall submit the question to the Monthly Meeting. The Web Team may have specific responsibilities defined elsewhere and Monthly Meeting may create additional mechanics for oversight and consultation as found desirable. This policy may be amended or revised at any time by consideration and action of the Monthly Meeting.


Content Management

Content should serve the purposes described above, and be of nature, style and language that reflect the values, interests and commitments of the Meeting and its community, and ultimately subject to approval by the Monthly Meeting.

Content that meets the following conditions may be freely posted: 1) it addresses our Quaker testimonies; 2) it originates from Quaker or other organizations which the Meeting has affiliated with or supports financially, and 3) reflects the current interests of the Meeting or IMYM.  Internet content linked to DFM’s website but not generated by DFM should meet the same standards as DFM-generated content. It is recognized that linking to any internet source will likely create a broadening range of secondary links, including advertising, which some Durango Friends may find objectionable. Care should be taken to minimize such possibilities, and to remove offending exposures that may arise. The Web Team, W&M Committee, and ultimately the Monthly Meeting, is responsible for decisions regarding the suitability of such materials in relation to the Meeting and this policy.

The Web Team is not generally expected to create content, but rather to accept information and materials from other Friends, including but not limited to committee and other Meeting business materials, events and news, and materials intended to support the spiritual and service witnesses of the Meeting and its members and attenders. Content should be managed so as to be accessible, with attention to rendering architecture and organization friendly to the user, maintaining informative and style-consistent titles and descriptions, and using imagery and other visual aids to promote a user-friendly setting. The site should be well-tended, with frequent postings, up-to-date and informative events calendar, appropriate use of recent materials, timely editing and timely content removal. A date shall be associated with each content element (in title or otherwise) when it is posted. The “Site Content Updated” date should reflect the current date for each content addition or revision.

It will generally be desirable to have two or more people active in content management at any one time, including individuals managing assigned web space for committee materials, records, etc. The Web Team shall maintain user-friendly instructional materials to assist content managers and encourage consistent architecture and style throughout the web space and over time.



Every form of web presence shall be identified as either public or private. Private portions will be only accessible by a collective, moderately secure password that is provided to members and attenders by restricted communication. It will be the responsibility of individual members and attenders to ensure this protection is not shared outside of the Meeting community. In general, internal Meeting records and communications will be private.

Personal information, including names, contact information and photo appearances, shall not appear in publically-accessible spaces without permission. The Web Team will be responsible for seeing that such permissions are obtained and documented (email, timely handwritten note, permission log, etc.). Any privacy question should be settled on the side of protection.

The Meeting’s Directory will not be posted on the web without explicit permission by minuted action of the Monthly Meeting.


Digital Integrity

It is understood that internet content can be viewed by virtually anyone, and that it can be easily copied, modified and/ or shared. With this understanding, the Durango Friends Web Team will give the utmost respect and care, with emphasis on accuracy and the interests of the Meeting, when posting and publishing information online. The Team will rely on the Quaker testimony of integrity and the Durango Friends Meeting Internet Policy when discerning the boundaries between private and public information.

As needed, the Team will instruct and educate web content contributors on the nature of digital integrity and the nature of content to be posted on the Durango Friends Meeting website.


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